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The jewelry

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Personal energetic

With your permission, I can tune in to your energy and see if information is allowed to come. Sometimes a spirit of a deceased person comes through and tells me what can be processed in the pendant / bracelet. Sometimes they are colours, shapes, smells etc. passed on by guides or helpers. This way I experience which ingredients can be used in your energetic jewelry that provide the best support.Each ingredient has its own energy and purpose in the jewelry.

Every personal piece of jewelry is unique, there is no second. The jewelry includes a description of how it may support you. Some people can also feel this, but there are also people who feel nothing. Until now, my experience has been that the energetic jewelry always does something. Sometimes that realization comes later.

I can also make a personal pendant remotely with a recent photo, name and date of birth. You can send me this information via the contact form or my email The costs of a personal unique energetic piece of jewelry are €27.95 excluding shipping costs.


When I receive information from my guides regarding ingredients and shape for a piece of jewelry. I start by looking for these ingredients and the stuff I need. I mix the gemstones and/or herbs and other ingredients, which I process in a pendant/bracelet.  

Each ingredient has its own energetic effect/influence on your body and mind. This energetic jewelry is unique. You can find these in the jewelry  gallery .

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jewelry with one gemstone

I have a number of jewelry in which one gemstone is processed. Sometimes a combination of stones is necessary, but even one gemstone can support you. Another advantage is that you can match the color to your clothes if you want.

If you are looking for a pendant with one specific stone, you can always ask and I can see if I have it and make a pendant for you. You can also find this jewelry in the jewelry gallery .

aroma pendants

These are pendants that contain a small pad. You can put a few drops of essential oil on the pad, for support, or because it smells nice.  

You can find them in the jewelry  gallery .

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