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Manon van der Kooi

Energetic pendants

Intuitive Healer

Reiki practitioner

relaxation therapist

Social Pedagogical Caregiver

stress counselor

Aromatouch technique practitioner

Access Bars™ Practitioner

Soul Body Fusion®


Hi, I'm Manon van der Kooi and Nonie2012 is my company.

I am mother of a sweet son, separated from his father and widow of my soul mate. ​ 

I worked for 10 years in an institution for the mentally and hearing impaired and there I found out that I actually wanted to offer clients much more. I knew this could be done through "alternative care". Unfortunately, many people were not open to that.

On May 26, 2012, my life changed overnight.

I had to go to the emergency room, went to the hospital, had major surgery and turned out to have multiple health problems. My life has completely changed.  

With the help of both regular and alternative care, my soul mate and my dear family and friends, I have now come to the point where, in addition to my normal life, I can do something for others for a few hours.

I am someone who has life experience in a lot of areas. I have also been developing myself in an alternative area for years, so that I can help people in my way.

My way is a combination of the things I have learned and things that are given to me by helpers, guides, etc.


What does Nonie2012 do?

At Nonie2012 energetic jewelry is made.

Gemstones, herbs and other ingredients are used in this jewelry, all of which have a healing energy and a purpose. The jewelry supports you in your process where necessary.  

Nonie2012 sells 4 different types of jewelry

- Personalized, custom pendants and bracelets

- Pre-assembled composite pendants and bracelets

- Pendants with 1 type of gemstone

- Aroma pendants

The composite jewelry and the personal pendants and bracelets I put together on the basis of information that I receive from guides, helpers, spirits, angels, etc., for more information click here .



​​​ I see alternative medicine as supplementary, healing, supportive energy and not as a replacement for regular medicine.

Nonie2012 in the future

Nonie2012 would like to support a lot of people with energetic jewelry. The jewelry can be bought via the website, and Nonie2012 can also be found at paranormal alternative fairs.

In the future, Nonie2012 wants to expand further with more expensive jewelry by also making jewelry from precious metals.

Nonie2012 strives to help everyone who needs support and wants that from Nonie2012, even people with a small budget. If you have any questions, please contact or fill in the contact form here.

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